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Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Distribution Private Lives of Pippa Lee

After nearly two decades caught under the wing of an aging husband (Alan Arkin), devoted mother and housewife Pippa Lee (Robin Wright) undergoes a midlife breakthrough. Unearthing the sexually curious wild child of her teens (as portrayed by Blake Lively), Pippa sparks a relationship with a kindred soul (Keanu Reeves). Robin Wright delivers a stunning and revelatory performance in Pippa Lee; a wry, moving, and complex portrait of the many lives behind a single name.


Release Date


Cast & Crew

Robin Wright Penn

Alan Arkin

Blake Lively

Maria Bello

Keanu Reeves

Winona Ryder

Julianne Moore

Monica Bellucci

Produced by
Jean-Luc De Fanti, Jill Footlick, Warren T. Goz, Jeremy Kleiner, Stewart McMichael, Brad Pitt, Jeff Sagansky

Directed by
Rebecca Miller

Written by
Rebecca Miller


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