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Rio, I Love You

Distribution Rio, I Love You

The third episode of the Cities of Love franchise, Rio, I Love You is an anthology, created by 10 visionary directors from across the globe. The story line of each segment focuses on an encounter of love in a different neighborhood of the city, demonstrating the distinctive qualities and character of that location. The film serves to bridge gaps between cultures, entertaining the audience, while celebrating unique and universal expressions of love.

  • "A beautiful collective film" Washington Blade

  • "Told with great sensitivity to detail" Onet Film

  • "The film is wonderful to look at" Washington Post

  • "An exotic chain of adventures and heartfelt passion" Film Totaal


110 minutes

Release Date


Official Selection, Maui Film Festival

Cast & Crew

Harvey Keitel

John Turturro

Rodrigo Santoro

Vincent Cassel

Jason Isaacs

Ryan Kwanten

Basil Hoffman

Fernanda Montenegro

Roberta Rodrigues

Wagner Moura

Emily Mortimer

Directed by
Guillermo Arriaga, Stephan Elliott, Sang-soo Im, Nadine Labaki, Fernando Meirelles, José Padilha, Carlos Saldanha, Paolo Sorrentino, John Turturro, Andrucha Waddington

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