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Teacher of the Year

Distribution Teacher of the Year

Principal Ronald Douche (Keegan-Michael Key of 'Key and Peele') runs Truman High School, a school filled with crazy faculty and out of control students. When one teacher, Mr. Carter, wins Teacher of the Year, other schools fight to steal him from Truman High and he is left with the choice: go where he is actually wanted, or stay where he is so desperately, hilariously needed?

  • "A comedy gem." 5/5 The Examiner


82 minutes

Release Date


Winner of Best Picture, Cincinnati International Film Festival

Winner of Best Comedy Feature, Newport Beach Film Festival

Winner of Best Screenplay, Newport Beach Film Festival

Winner of Best Actor, Chicago Comedy Festival

Cast & Crew

Keegan-Michael Key

Matt Letstcher

the Sklar Bros

Produced by
Graham Beers, Libby Beers, Lainie Jordan

Directed by
Jason Strouse

Written by
Jason Strouse

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