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The Birthday Cake

Distribution The Birthday Cake

Gio brings a cake to a memorial celebration for the 10th anniversary of his father’s mysterious death, hosted by his uncle (Kilmer), a Brooklyn mafia boss. His life begins to change as he pieces together what really happened to his father.


93 minutes

Release Date



Cast & Crew

Shiloh Fernandez

Val Kilmer

Ewan McGregor

Paul Sorvino

William Fichtner

Lorraine Bracco

Vincent Pastore

Luis Guzman

Ashley Benson

Penn Badgley

Jeremy Allen White

Emory Cohen

Aldis Hodge

David Mazouz

John Magaro

Franky G

Jake Weary

Clara McGregor

Tyler Dean Flores

Produced by
Diomedes Raul Bermudez, Siena Oberman, Shiloh Fernandez, Danny Sawaf, Carlos Cusco

Directed by
Jimmy Giannopoulos

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