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Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

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Chase and Laine head to the Horror Hound festival where Laine begins to experience unexplained premonitions and disturbing visions associated with the town's past, and in particular, local legend The Creeper. As the festival gets underway and the blood-soaked entertainment builds to a frenzy, Laine believes that something unearthly has been summoned and that for the first time in 23 years…The Creeper is back.

  • "Offers a hysterical, touchingly relatable look at the kind of love that only exists in memory." The Knockturnal

  • "A sultry thriller" The Action Elite

  • "Do not miss it" Alien Bee

  • "A brilliant, blue-collar film." Salon

  • "Cinephiles...won’t regret catching this thriller on the big screen..." Stop and Stammer

  • "A deeply felt look at...the first Gulf War." Filmmaker Magazine

  • “...a well executed horror-thriller that’s driven by this trio of interesting characters.” Alien Bee

  • "The movie strikes eccentric, volatile emotional notes without a second thought." Wall Street Journal

  • "Bettany's direction maintains a tight, emphathetic focus." Variety

  • “Gondry has made his most satisfying movie since his 2004 masterpiece Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” The Guardian

  • “A charming coming-of-age saga” IndieWire

  • “Gondry sketches an honest impression of youth” Variety

  • "Magnificently haunting" Cryptic Rock

  • "A stunning love letter to classic Gothic horror." Morbidly Beautiful

  • “The emotions about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters are spot on, and there’s no shortage of star power.” Los Angeles Times

  • "The Sonata marries both the physical and mental facets of horror, resulting in a film that binds you with anxiety and excitement over the course of its runtime." Cinema Sentries

  • "Will likely make you appreciate the mother or mothers in your life" The Washington Times

  • “It’s an intriguingly modern take on parental issues.”

  • "Packed with striking imagery, it’s the sort of film adventurous viewers live for: unapologetically weird and utterly fearless." Onion AV Club

  • “'Luz' shines for the calculated sensory stimulation it inflicts and its contained intent..." Los Angeles Times

  • "A blazingly confident feature debut" Hollywood Reporter

  • "Strikingly impressive" Hollywood Reporter

  • "An intense psychological thriller that doles out the chills" Ain't It Cool News

  • "A tour-de-force performance" Hollywood Reporter

  • "Bening is superb" Screen International

  • "It'll tug at your heart and send you straight to your vinyl collection." The Consequence of Sound

  • "A visually stunning film" Fanboy Nation

  • "Little is left to chance, and every detail contributes to a tightly schematic, microcosmic poetic concept." New York Times

  • "Highly cinematic" Forbes

  • "A consistently funny opportunity to hang out for a while with an actor in his element." The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Convincing, an impressive, attention-grabbing period piece" Haute Lifestyle

  • "A Birder's Guide to Everything is a crowd pleaser as admirable as it is irresistible." Next Magazine


  • "A strong Millennial film with a knockout ensemble cast." Den of Geek

  • "Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives an extraordinary performance." Variety

  • "A well-acted, sensitive coming-of-age affecting debut." The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Personal filmmaking with ambition to burn a whirlwind debut." Wall Street Journal

  • "Fitfully hilarious... Step Brothers [meets] Wet Hot American Summer." Grantland

  • "Bustin' Down the Door entertainingly captures surfing's last great hoorah of no-holds-barred radicalism." LA Times

  • "C.O.G. manages to both do justice to Sedaris' unique voice and sense of humor while giving it a stamp of the director's own." Indiewire

  • "An unusually sensitive take on schizophrenia." Hollywood Reporter

  • "This movie is a triumph." New York Observer

  • "This is exactly the kind of thing horror lovers should watch with like-minded friends as the holidays roll around" The New York Times

  • "It’s imaginative, original, scary, fun, and the right bit of ridiculous" Variety

  • "A gross-out good time that gives us a rare gem of a Thanksgiving bloodbath" IGN

  • "A tight, taut supernatural tale." The Dissolve

  • "Offers audiences gruesome delights with a distinctly campy spin" Screen Rant

  • "(A) twisty, winningly unsettling feature debut" New York Times

  • "One Shot is one of the tensest and never-wracking movies Adkins has ever made" Screen Rant

  • "Rodrigo Santoro (delivers a) bravura performance in the title role." Variety

  • "One Shot summed up is like Die Hard meets Extraction – a solid 5 stars!" Action Reloaded

  • "Uncovers the sweat and toil behind all the sparkly outfits and clickety-clack footwork." Entertainment Weekly

  • "One Shot will leave you breathless and it is definitely one of the best action films of the year" Action Flix

  • "First-time director Kevin Bacon (Mr. Sedgwick) cleverly maintains a balance of discomfiting and familiar by jumping nimbly around Emily's life." New York Post

  • "An enormous action film compressed into you’re-in-the-middle-of-it handheld vérité goodness" IndieWire

  • "A terrifically cast bittersweet coming-of-age story -- ticks and all." The Hollywood Reporter

  • "A documentary that plays out like a love letter to fans of one of the most endearing and unique film franchises of all time" Horror Buzz

  • "A new documentary offers a salutary and touching reminder that the race, like nearly everything else great about New York City, was the creation of a stubborn visionary." New York Times

  • "A glorious summation of all the talent and personality that went into the work" Blue Ray

  • "Have seen the completed film version of A Good Marriage. I thought it was terrific!" Stephen King

  • "A definite must watch for the fans!" Pop Horror

  • "A comedy gem." 5/5 The Examiner

  • "This is one of the best films of the year" KPCC

  • "A delightful journey into imagination!" Dove Reviews​

  • "Really reflects on the art of writing – an endeavor that seeks to offer something about the human experience" Cultured Vultures

  • "The Assault (L'Assaut) is gripping" The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Offers a comforting message" Variety

  • "A rich, poetic film." The Hollywood Reporter

  • "You need to see BEST SELLERS" Unseen Films

  • Fresh take on familiar compromise-vs.-Idealism angst. The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Creatures that recall beasts from films as diverse as John Carpenter’s The Thing, Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond, and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser" Film School Rejects

  • "A cerebral experience that aims to encourage powerful discussion, not just about the film, but about the universe around us" Hollywood Insider

  • "For this swan song, themes such as relationships and fate and inevitability are actually explored." Jam​

  • "The Best ’80s Horror Throwback in Years" Slash Film

  • "Refreshing and fun at certain moments" Screen Rant

  • "The Trailer Park Boys are back for a laugh-a-minute riot." Cinema Blographer​​

  • "Lovecraftian horror that disorients with a vicious nightmare logic" Fangoria

  • "Memorable, with interesting ideas" Common Sense Media

  • "The close, cramped intimacy of this film is so real it stings." Rolling Stone

  • "[The Void] feels reminiscent of a lot of great horror movies we all grew up loving, and yet, it feels oddly like nothing else I’ve ever seen before" Daily Dead

  • "A Crowd-Pleaser with a Big Heart." The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Truly a show piece for smart creature FX and an experience in the conception of your nightmares" Icons of Fright

  • "Unlikely accidents, shared secrets and zany twists combine to whip up a pleasing froth." New York Post​

  • "Max Max (meets) Grapes of Wrath--all mixed in with a certain punk rock aesthetic and Tarantino-style." Joblo

  • "An instant classic and will become one of the top ten mob movies ever made" Haute-Lifestyle

  • "If you loved The Sopranos, you’ll love it" Movies and Shakers

  • "An excellent job painting a picture of the glory days when the Mob ruled the streets of the Big Apple, yet set in modern-day Brooklyn" Movie Review Mom

  • "An amazing movie that is a pleasant surprise" Disappointment Media

  • "One of the funniest subversive comedies that I’ve enjoyed in quite some time." Daily Dead

  • "Wonderfully written and magnificently directed" Unseen Films

  • "Deliciously savage satire" Moveable Fest

  • "An action-packed espionage thriller" Haute-Lifestyle

  • "One hell of an irresistible cast" AV Club

  • "Characters were well portrayed and the acting was excellent" IMDB

  • An enjoyable comical riff on the sub-genre of people trapped for an entire movie in a confined setting Film Ireland

  • "A romance that wouldn't hurt a flea" The New York Times

  • "Fun, charming, sweet and filled with emotion" Military Press

  • "Cleverly written and nicely acted plot development" Fairfax County Times

  • "Wonderful feel good movie and comedy" Metacritic

  • "Offers substantial guilty-pleasure fun" 48Hills

  • "Action-packed film" Front Row Features

  • You Might Be The Killer is a damn fine, and darn funny, self-referential little horror comedy. Deirdre Crimmins

  • "It is so over the top fun" Film Threat

  • "A damn fine movie to veg out to and just enjoy" Critical Movie Critics

  • ...refreshing take on science fiction, focused on optimism and open-mindedness… Cinema Scope

  • A gentle, but evocative and effective mixture of drama, romance, mysticism, and science… The Gate

  • Sherman has found a way to embrace and play with genre cliches The Gate

  • …thought-provoking, profound, and simply human. Much Ado About Cinema

  • "The best horror movie of 2016" Shock Till You Drop

  • One of the great lights of the [independent film] era. Huffington Post

  • "A creeping hallucinatory nightmare of a story" Dread Central

  • A convincingly tender drama thanks to the presence of star Greta Gerwig. The Hollywood Reporter

  • "An absolute masterpiece" Icons of Fright

  • "Will break your heart and mend it all at the same time" PopSugar

  • "A touch of ‘The Graduate’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." The Knockturnal

  • “A revelatory performance by Bella Thorne” Gayly Dreadful

  • "Not only does [Bella Thorne] deliver as Girl, she knocks it out of the park" BRWC

  • "A gritty and emotional tale of perseverance that is at once brutal and sentimental, disheartening and inspirational" Morbidly Beautiful

  • "Inform[s] genre blood sport with pulp transcendentalism." Slant Magazine

  • "A brainteaser of a film...bets everything on cleverness and a few appealing performances, and it wins." New York Times

  • "a playful narrative turducken" Los Angeles Times

  • "ZOOM is simply a movie that's alive and kicking, filled with terrific little details and bizarre notions" JoBlo

  • “the filmmakers capture the terrifying confusion of the time” Slant Magazine

  • "Nyqvist is also quite chilling as Schafer" JoBlo

  • "He who has the weed has the power." Patch (Danny Trejo)

  • “Hands down, MEMORY is a must-see for any of my fellow Alien fans…” Daily Dead

  • "One of the most valuable and fresh documentaries of the year" Slash Film

  • "Will likely be a favorite among film scholars for years to come." Popaxiom

  • “Skillfully directed and genuinely chilling” Rue Morgue

  • "Crown Vic is a deeply haunting yet irrefutably riveting dramatic effort that shows us the more ominous yet no less truthful realities of what it is to be a cop in the City of Angels..." One Film Fan

  • "Highly satsfying." Chris Willman, Variety

  • "Thoroughly entertaining." Steve Pond, The Wrap

  • "[A] warm-hug of a documentary." Mara Reinstein, US Weekly

  • "Touching." Brian Truitt, USA Today

  • "Fascinating. You'll be rapt." Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast

  • "A terrific film." Mike Ryan, UPROXX

  • "Heartwarming." Megan McMachlan, Awards Daily

  • "Absolutely charming." Kyle Anderson, NERDIST

  • “Overwhelmingly loveable" The Guardian

  • “Cute and fitfully amusing" CINEVUE UK

  • "A gem of a film!" Lou Harry, Midwest Film Journal

  • "Dryly funny, sweet, and surprisingly touching." Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times

  • "A stellar cast" Mike McGranaghan, The Aisle Seat

  • "A movie with a heart of gold." Betty Jo Tucker, Reel Talk Reviews

  • "A must see." Unseen Films

  • "witty and moving" Empire Magazine

  • "A beautiful collective film" Washington Blade

  • "Beautiful." New York Times

  • "Death in Love is occasionally pretentious but always riveting." LA Times​

  • "A fascinating deep dive into a Sci-Fi/Horror classic" The Playlist

  • "Elliot proves that with hard work, good friends, and believing in yourself you can achieve your dreams" Newsday

  • "A truly astounding work from beginning to end..." Film Threat

  • “You’re in for a hell of a treat.” Horror DNA

  • "A beautiful documentary for all ages" Quad-City Times

  • " ideal film for the whole family, replete with sumptuous cinematography and an important message about our planet's oceans..." Toronto Star

  • “Relentlessly quirky” San Francisco Chronicle

  • "An arresting first feature for German writer-director Tilman Singer" Variety

  • "Told with great sensitivity to detail" Onet Film

  • "Pierces the senses." Hollywood Reporter

  • "Finds the hypnotic meaning in its horror" Variety

  • "A feel-good animated feature" The New York Times

  • "Riveting" The Film Stage

  • “One of the strongest anthologies I have laid my eerie eyeballs on..." Horror Fuel

  • "This movie is worth watching for the visuals alone." Parent Previews

  • "...beautiful and thoroughly impressive..." Popaxiom

  • “Whittaker will have you wanting to be her BFF” Decider

  • "A hypnotic offering of horror film atmosphere" Roger Ebert

  • "The film is wonderful to look at" Washington Post

  • "Witty, exuberant and wildly entertaining! A crowd-pleasing delight!" NYC Movie Guru

  • "Demonstrates that the study of a film can be as exciting as the film itself" The Wrap

  • "This film is definitely on our top 20 list of favorite movies" Newsday

  • "Highly entertaining" Film Pulse

  • “Ludicrously solid” Horror DNA

  • "A gorgeous film" Caution Spoilers

  • "A feast for the eyes..." The Hollywood Reporter

  • "funny, profane, dour, and heartbreaking" ReelViews

  • "Unapologetically strange and utterly fearless" AV Club

  • "An exotic chain of adventures and heartfelt passion" Film Totaal

  • "Destined to attract a cult following of it's own" Variety

  • "Rich and deep" Variety

  • “…Crown Vic is a well-made and strongly acted effort showing real talent on the part of its writer-director.” The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Viewers will definitely take little Ailo to their hearts." Family Choice Awards

  • "...breathtakingly beautiful and unimpeachably well intentioned." Variety

  • "Surreal journey into the dark unknown" Collider

  • "A non stop delight" Consequence of Sound

  • "An inspiring tale" Red Carpet Crash

  • "Conducted by energetic, worldly-wise septuagenarian Jean-Michel Cousteau..." The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Daring, unconventional, and downright demonic" Slash Film

  • "An affectionate and satisfying movie" Variety

  • "A positively disorienting viewing experience" Dread Central

  • "A portrait of friendship and love as much as it’s about music" The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Breathes new life into the genre" Nightmare on Film Street

  • "Unmissable for anyone with even a passing interest in the history of music from the Beach Boys era and beyond" The Film Stage

  • "Horror of the highest order."  Black Book

  • "A pretty good idea what it’s like to spend time with Wilson" The Wrap

  • "Shocking and absurd, yet mesmerizing." Film Showcase

  • "An exhilarating and entertaining ride" Bloody Disgusting

  • "Complex and illuminating" The New York Times

  • "Chilly, dicey and a helluva fun time" Dread Central

  • "The most exhilarating new movie audiences have been offered since the shutdown began” Variety

  • "Absolutely riveting" Killer Horror Critic

  • "An unflinching and heart-stopping depiction of the chaos of modern warfare" Chicago Sun Times

  • "Gleefully chaotic" The New York Times

  • "Chaotic, disorienting, and visceral in all the right ways" Hollywood News

  • "A classic movie to watch with a big group of friends and play along with it" Variety

  • "A blast from beginning to end" Guy at the Movies

  • "An entertaining nightmare for cult movie fans" Blu Ray

  • "An action packed, insanely fun flick that is sure to be the next cult classic" Mamas Geekly

  • "An over the top horror-comedy brawl and it’s pretty damn fun" iHorror

  • “‘Quixote’ reminds us of the romantic ideal that the world needs dreamers who dare to defy convention” Time Out

  • “A film suffused with a love of art, and of those who would dare to make it.” Slate

  • "Spectacular" Filmink

  • "A tender and intelligent film" Chicago Tribune

  • "Reminds us that the world needs dreamers who dare to defy convention" Time Out

  • “A well-written, moving story bolstered by an outstanding cast.” Chicago Sun-Times

  • "A delirious dream happening before your very eyes" World of Reel

  • "Heartfelt" USA Today

  • "A treat" London Evening Std.

  • “Blackbird is a ravishingly and deeply profound movie that will indeed shed some tears. Elements of Madness

  • "Gilliam remains one of cinema’s most gifted visual stylists" Filmink

  • "Fearless" World of Reel


88 minutes

Release Date



Cast & Crew

Sydney Craven

Imran Adams

Peter Brooke

Ocean Navarro

Matt Barkley

Alexander Halsall

Jodie McMullen

Georgia Goodman

Jarreau Benjamin

Directed by
Timo Vuorensola

Written by
Sean-Michael Argo, Jake Seal

Where to watch


Upcoming screenings

Date Venue
Opens Sep 30 Abilene Premiere Cinema 10
Opens Sep 30 Abington 21 Century Cinema 12
Opens Sep 30 Akron Regal Independence
Opens Sep 30 Akron Regal Interstate Park
Opens Sep 30 Akron Regal Montrose Movies
Opens Sep 30 Albemarle Badin Road Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Albuquerque ABQ Icon Cinema VIP
Opens Sep 30 Albuquerque Icon San Mateo 8
Opens Sep 30 Albuquerque Albuquerque Rio 24 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Albuquerque Regal UA Cottonwood
Opens Sep 30 Albuquerque Regal Winrock
Opens Sep 30 Alexandria Midway Mall Cinema 9
Opens Sep 30 Alhambra Regal Edwards Alhambra Renaissance
Opens Sep 30 Alpharetta Regal Avalon
Opens Sep 30 Altoona Cinemark Altoona and XD
Opens Sep 30 Amarillo Hollywood 16 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Anderson Regal Starlight - Anderson
Opens Sep 30 Andover Andover 10 Theatre
Opens Sep 30 Apex Regal Beaver Creek
Opens Sep 30 Apple Valley Cinemark Jess RanchApple Valley 12 (5/1)
Opens Sep 30 Arnold Marcus Arnold 14 Cine
Opens Sep 30 Asheville Regal Biltmore Grande
Opens Sep 30 Ashwaubenon Marcus Bay Park Cinema 16 with SuperScreen
Opens Sep 30 Astoria Regal UA Kaufman Astoria
Opens Sep 30 Atlanta Regal Atlantic Station
Opens Sep 30 Auburn Regal Auburn - California
Opens Sep 30 Augusta Regal Augusta Exchange
Opens Sep 30 Aurora Movie Tavern Aurora by Marcus
Opens Sep 30 Austell Regal @ Austell
Opens Sep 30 Austin Southpark Meadows 14
Opens Sep 30 Avon Regal Shiloh Crossing
Opens Sep 30 Avon Vintage Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Avondale Harkins Gateway Pavilions 18
Opens Sep 30 Baldwin Hills Baldwin Hills 15 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Ballston Malta Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Baton Rouge Cinemark Perkins Rowe + XD
Opens Sep 30 Baton Rouge Movie Tavern Citiplace by Marcus
Opens Sep 30 Baxter Lakes 12 Theatre
Opens Sep 30 Bay City Schulman's Movie Bowl Grille - Bay City
Opens Sep 30 Beaufort Hwy 21 Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Beaumont Tinseltown USA 15 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Beavercreek The Greene 14 + IMAX
Opens Sep 30 Beavercreek Regal Fairfield Commons
Opens Sep 30 Bedford Regal Bedford
Opens Sep 30 Bellfontaine Bellefontaine Cinema 8
Opens Sep 30 Belton Grand Avenue 6
Opens Sep 30 Bemidji Bemidji 10 Theatre
Opens Sep 30 Birch Run Emagine Birch Run
Opens Sep 30 Blue Grass Blue Grass Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Boca Raton Regal Shadowood
Opens Sep 30 Boise Regal Edwards Boise
Opens Sep 30 Bolingbrook Regal Bolingbrook
Opens Sep 30 Bowling Green Regal Bowling Green
Opens Sep 30 Bowling Green Regal Greenwood Mall
Opens Sep 30 Brooklyn Regal UA Sheepshead Bay
Opens Sep 30 Brookville Melody 49 Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Brownsville Cinemark 16 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Buffalo Regal Walden Galleria
Opens Sep 30 Buford Regal Mall of Georgia
Opens Sep 30 Butler Starlight Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Cannonsburg Cinema@Camp Landing
Opens Sep 30 Canton Emagine Canton 19 + Super EMAX
Opens Sep 30 Cape Girardeau Marcus Cape West Cine 14
Opens Sep 30 Carmel Regal Village Park
Opens Sep 30 Carson Cinemark Carson 13 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Cary Regal Crossroads - Cary
Opens Sep 30 Casa Grande Harkins Casa Grande 14
Opens Sep 30 Cedar Hill Cedar Hills 14
Opens Sep 30 Cerritos Harkins Cerritos 16
Opens Sep 30 Chamblee Regal Hollywood @ North I-85
Opens Sep 30 Champlin Champlin Cinema 14
Opens Sep 30 Chandler Harkins Chandler Fashion Center 20
Opens Sep 30 Charlotte Regal Cinebarre Arboretum
Opens Sep 30 Charlotte Regal Starlight - Charlotte
Opens Sep 30 Charlotte Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glen
Opens Sep 30 Charlottesville Regal Stonefield
Opens Sep 30 Chesapeake Regal Greenbrier
Opens Sep 30 Chetek Stardust Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Chicago Emagine Chatham
Opens Sep 30 Chino HIlls Harkins Chino Hills 18
Opens Sep 30 Christiansburg Regal New River Valley
Opens Sep 30 Chula Vista Regal Rancho Del Rey
Opens Sep 30 Cillicothe Chillicothe Cinemas
Opens Sep 30 Cincinnati Xscape Theatres Northgate 14
Opens Sep 30 City of Industry Vineland Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Clinton Clinton 8
Opens Sep 30 Clovis Regal UA Clovis
Opens Sep 30 Coldwater Capri DI
Opens Sep 30 College Station College Station + XD
Opens Sep 30 Colonial Heights Regal Southpark Mall
Opens Sep 30 Colorado Springs Regal Interquest
Opens Sep 30 Columbia Regal Columbiana Grande
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Opens Sep 30 Conroe Xscape Theatres Conroe (Woodlands)
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Opens Sep 30 Coraopolis Dependable Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Corona Regal Edwards Corona Crossings
Opens Sep 30 Corpus Christi Century 16 + XD, IMAX
Opens Sep 30 Coxsackie Hi-way DI
Opens Sep 30 Cross Lanes Regal Nitro
Opens Sep 30 Crystal Lake Regal Crystal Lake Showplace
Opens Sep 30 Cypress Cinemark 12 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Dacula Regal Hamilton Mill
Opens Sep 30 Dallas Look Cinemas NW Highway
Opens Sep 30 Dania Beach Regal Dania Pointe
Opens Sep 30 Davenport Davenport 53 18 + IMAX
Opens Sep 30 Dearborn Ford Wyoming Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Delafield Marcus Hillside Cinema 14
Opens Sep 30 Delano Delano West 5
Opens Sep 30 Denver Harkins Northfield 18
Opens Sep 30 Detroit Bel Air Luxury Cinema
Opens Sep 30 Dickson City Regal Dickson City
Opens Sep 30 Douglasville Regal Arbor Place
Opens Sep 30 Downey Look Cinemas Downey
Opens Sep 30 Doylestown Regal Barn Plaza
Opens Sep 30 Duluth Regal Medlock Crossing
Opens Sep 30 Dundas Cannon Valley Cinema 10
Opens Sep 30 Durant The District (9/11)
Opens Sep 30 Eagan Emagine Eagan 15 + EMAX
Opens Sep 30 Easley Premiere Cinema Easley
Opens Sep 30 East Bethel East Bethel 10
Opens Sep 30 El Paso Tinseltown 20 + XD
Opens Sep 30 El Paso Cinemark Cielo Vista Mall + XD
Opens Sep 30 El Paso Cinemark West + XD
Opens Sep 30 El Paso Premiere IMAX El Paso 17
Opens Sep 30 Elyria Regal Cobblestone Square
Opens Sep 30 Estero Regal Coconut Point
Opens Sep 30 Everett Regal Everett
Opens Sep 30 Fairfield Regal Edwards Fairfield
Opens Sep 30 Farmingdale Regal UA Farmingdale
Opens Sep 30 Farmington Hills Riviera 12 + Emax
Opens Sep 30 Fayetteville Tinseltown 17 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Fenton Regal Gravois Bluffs
Opens Sep 30 Flagstaff Harkins Flagstaff 16
Opens Sep 30 Florence Regal Swamp Fox
Opens Sep 30 Flowood Regal UA Parkway Place
Opens Sep 30 Forest Hills Regal UA Midway
Opens Sep 30 Fort Dodge Fort Dodge 8
Opens Sep 30 Fort Lauderdale Regal Cypress Creek Station
Opens Sep 30 Fort Myers Regal Belltower
Opens Sep 30 Fort Myers Regal Gulf Coast
Opens Sep 30 Fort Wayne Regal Coldwater Crossing
Opens Sep 30 Fort Worth Ridgmar Mall 13 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Frankfort Emagine Frankfort 10 + EMAX
Opens Sep 30 Franklin Marcus Showtime Cinema 12
Opens Sep 30 Franklin Middletown 10
Opens Sep 30 Gainesville Regal Hollywood - Gainesville
Opens Sep 30 Garden Grove Regal Garden Grove
Opens Sep 30 Garner Regal White Oak
Opens Sep 30 Gastonia Regal Franklin Square
Opens Sep 30 Gilbert Harkins Santan Village 16
Opens Sep 30 Glen Allen Regal Virginia Center
Opens Sep 30 Glendale Regal Atlas Park
Opens Sep 30 Glendale Laemmle Glendale
Opens Sep 30 Goodyear Harkins Estrella Falls 16
Opens Sep 30 Grand Chute Marcus Hollywood Cinema 14 with UltraScreen
Opens Sep 30 Grand Junction Regal Canyon View
Opens Sep 30 Grand Prairie Grand Prairie 15
Opens Sep 30 Grand Rapids Grand Rapids 8
Opens Sep 30 Green Bay Marcus Green Bay East Cinema 12
Opens Sep 30 Greenburg Wolf Theatres
Opens Sep 30 Greensboro Regal Greensboro Grande
Opens Sep 30 Greenville Regal Cherrydale
Opens Sep 30 Greenville Regal Hollywood - Greenville
Opens Sep 30 Greenwood Regal Greenwood
Opens Sep 30 Greenwood Auto DI
Opens Sep 30 Greenwood Premiere Cinema Greenwood
Opens Sep 30 Gulfport Cinemark 16
Opens Sep 30 Hanford Movies 8
Opens Sep 30 Hanover Egyptian 24 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Harker Heights Cinemark Harker Heights 16
Opens Sep 30 Harrisonburg Regal Harrisonburg
Opens Sep 30 Hartland Emagine Hartland (12/15)
Opens Sep 30 Hazleton Regal Hazleton
Opens Sep 30 Hibbing Hibbing Cinema 8
Opens Sep 30 High Point Regal Palladium
Opens Sep 30 Hollywood Flippers Cinema
Opens Sep 30 Hollywood Regal Oakwood
Opens Sep 30 Houston Tinseltown 290 16 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Hudson Hudson 12 Theatre
Opens Sep 30 Hudson Regal Hudson
Opens Sep 30 Hunlock Creek Garden Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Huntersville Regal Birkdale
Opens Sep 30 Huntington Huntington DI
Opens Sep 30 Hurst Northeast Mall 18 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Idaho Falls Regal Edwards Grand Teton
Opens Sep 30 Indianapolis Regal UA Circle Centre
Opens Sep 30 Indianapolis Regal UA Galaxy - Indianapolis
Opens Sep 30 Inverness Regal Citrus Cinemas
Opens Sep 30 Jeffersonville Xscape Jeffersonville 12
Opens Sep 30 Jensen Beach Regal Treasure Coast Mall
Opens Sep 30 Johnstown Silver Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Joliet Cinemark 14 (5/8)
Opens Sep 30 Joplin Regal Northstar
Opens Sep 30 Kapolei Regal Kapolei Commons
Opens Sep 30 Katy Cinemark 19 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Killeen Regal Killeen
Opens Sep 30 Kings Mountain Hounds Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Kissimmee Regal The Loop
Opens Sep 30 Knoxville Regal Pinnacle
Opens Sep 30 La Habra Regal La Habra
Opens Sep 30 Lake Geneva Emagine Geneva Lakes
Opens Sep 30 Lake Wales Regal Eagle Ridge Mall
Opens Sep 30 Lakeville Lakeville 21 with Monster Screen
Opens Sep 30 Lancaster Cinemark 22 + IMAX
Opens Sep 30 Lancaster Lancaster-Desoto 14
Opens Sep 30 Lancaster Regal Manor
Opens Sep 30 Langhorne Regal UA Oxford Valley
Opens Sep 30 Lansing Regal Lansing Mall
Opens Sep 30 Las Vegas Century Orleans 18 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Las Vegas Las Vegas Samstown 18
Opens Sep 30 Las Vegas Galaxy Boulevard Mall
Opens Sep 30 Liberty Center Field of Dreams DI
Opens Sep 30 Little Rock Regal UA Breckenridge
Opens Sep 30 Littleton Regal UA Meadows
Opens Sep 30 Live Oak Regal Live Oak
Opens Sep 30 Lockport Transit Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Logan University Stadium 6
Opens Sep 30 Long Beach Regal Edwards Long Beach
Opens Sep 30 Longview Regal Longview
Opens Sep 30 Louisville Regal Cinebarre Boulder
Opens Sep 30 Louisville Xscape Theatres Blankenbaker 14
Opens Sep 30 Lubbock Movies 16 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Lubbock Premiere IMAX Lubbock 16
Opens Sep 30 Lufkin Lufkin Movies 12
Opens Sep 30 Lynbrook Regal Lynbrook
Opens Sep 30 Mansfield Cinemark Mansfield 12 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Mason City Cinema West 10 Theatre
Opens Sep 30 Massillon Regal Massillon
Opens Sep 30 Mcalester Apex Cinema Mcalester
Opens Sep 30 Mcallen Hollywood 17
Opens Sep 30 Mcdonough Regal McDonough
Opens Sep 30 Meadville Movies at Meadville 10
Opens Sep 30 Medina Regal Medina
Opens Sep 30 Menomonee Falls Marcus Menomonee Falls Cinema 16
Opens Sep 30 Menomonie Menomonie 7 Theatre
Opens Sep 30 Meridian Cinemark Majestic Cinemas 18
Opens Sep 30 Mesquite Mesquite Stadium 6
Opens Sep 30 Miami Regal Kendall Village
Opens Sep 30 Miami Regal Southland Mall
Opens Sep 30 Miami Regal UA Falls
Opens Sep 30 Miami Beach Regal South Beach
Opens Sep 30 Middle Point Van-Del DI
Opens Sep 30 Middletown Westown Movies + GTX
Opens Sep 30 Midlothian Regal Commonwealth
Opens Sep 30 Midlothian Regal Westchester Commons
Opens Sep 30 Milford Milford 16
Opens Sep 30 Milford Milford Movies 9
Opens Sep 30 Milwaukee Marcus Southgate Cinema 10 with SuperScreen
Opens Sep 30 Mishawaka Movies 14
Opens Sep 30 Mission Cinemark Tinseltown 17 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Moline Regal Moline
Opens Sep 30 Monticello Monticello 12 with Monster Screen
Opens Sep 30 Moreno Valley Harkins Moreno Valley 16
Opens Sep 30 Morgantown Regal Morgantown
Opens Sep 30 Mount Pleasant Evergreen Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Mount Pleasant Regal Palmetto Grande
Opens Sep 30 Mountain View Mountain View Cinema 16
Opens Sep 30 Muskogee Apex Cinema Muskogee
Opens Sep 30 Nampa Regal Edwards Nampa Gateway
Opens Sep 30 Nampa Regal Edwards Nampa Spectrum
Opens Sep 30 Naples Regal Naples
Opens Sep 30 New Berlin Marcus Ridge Cinema 19
Opens Sep 30 New Martinsville Movie House
Opens Sep 30 New York Regal E-Walk
Opens Sep 30 New York Regal Union Square
Opens Sep 30 Newnan Regal Georgian
Opens Sep 30 Niles Regal Boulevard Centre
Opens Sep 30 Noblesville Emagine Noblesville
Opens Sep 30 Noblesville Regal Noblesville
Opens Sep 30 Norfolk Regal Macarthur Center
Opens Sep 30 North Canton Cinemark North Canton 24 + XD (Bistro side)
Opens Sep 30 North Las Vegas Galaxy Cannery
Opens Sep 30 North Las Vegas Regal Aliante
Opens Sep 30 Norton Cinema City
Opens Sep 30 Novi Emagine Novi 17 + Super EMAX
Opens Sep 30 O'Fallon Marcus O'Fallon 16 with UltraScreen
Opens Sep 30 O'Fallon Regal O'Fallon
Opens Sep 30 Oak Creek Marcus South Shore Cinema 16 with SuperScreen
Opens Sep 30 Oaks Regal Oaks
Opens Sep 30 Ocala Regal Hollywood - Ocala
Opens Sep 30 Oklahoma City Cinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Oklahoma City Harkins Bricktown 16
Opens Sep 30 Okolona Preston Crossings 16
Opens Sep 30 Omaha Regal Omaha
Opens Sep 30 Ontario Regal Edwards Ontario Palace
Opens Sep 30 Orange Orange Stadium Promenade 25 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Orchard Park Regal Quaker Crossing
Opens Sep 30 Orlando Cinemark Orlando + XD
Opens Sep 30 Orlando Fashion Square 14
Opens Sep 30 Orlando Regal Pointe Orlando
Opens Sep 30 Orlando Regal Waterford Lakes
Opens Sep 30 Ottumwa Ottumwa 8
Opens Sep 30 Oviedo Regal Oviedo Mall
Opens Sep 30 Owatonna Northwoods Cinema 10
Opens Sep 30 Oxnard Century River Park 16 + XD (10/26)
Opens Sep 30 Palmdale Antelope Valley Cinemark 16
Opens Sep 30 Pasadena Hollywood Usa 20
Opens Sep 30 Pearl Cinemark Pearl 17 & XD
Opens Sep 30 Pembroke Pines Regal Westfork
Opens Sep 30 Pennsdale Regal Williamsport Lycoming Mall
Opens Sep 30 Peoria Harkins Park West 14
Opens Sep 30 Pharr Cinemark Pharr Town Center + XD
Opens Sep 30 Phoenix Harkins Chris-Town 11
Opens Sep 30 Pickerington Marcus Pickerington Cinema 17 with UltraScreen
Opens Sep 30 Pikeville Riverfill 10
Opens Sep 30 Pinellas Park Regal Park Place
Opens Sep 30 Plano Legacy 24 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Plant City Premiere Lake Walden Square 8
Opens Sep 30 Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley DI
Opens Sep 30 Plymouth Plymouth Grand 15
Opens Sep 30 Port Charlotte Regal Town Center - Port Charlotte
Opens Sep 30 Port Orange Regal Pavilion
Opens Sep 30 Port Richey Regal Hollywood - Port Richey
Opens Sep 30 Portage Emagine Portage 16
Opens Sep 30 Porterville Galaxy Porterville
Opens Sep 30 Portland Century Clackamas Town Center + XD
Opens Sep 30 Portsmouth Portsmouth Cinema 8
Opens Sep 30 Pueblo Tinseltown 14
Opens Sep 30 Queen Creek Harkins Queen Creek 14
Opens Sep 30 Raleigh Regal Brier Creek
Opens Sep 30 Raleigh Regal North Hills
Opens Sep 30 Red Wing Red Wing Cinemas 8
Opens Sep 30 Redlands Harkins Mountain Grove
Opens Sep 30 Richmond Richmond Hilltop 16
Opens Sep 30 Richmond Xscape Katy 12 (9/20)
Opens Sep 30 Richmond Regal West Tower
Opens Sep 30 Riverbank Galaxy Riverbank
Opens Sep 30 Riverside Regal Riverside Plaza
Opens Sep 30 Riverside Galaxy Mission Grove
Opens Sep 30 Riverview Xscape Theatres Riverview 14
Opens Sep 30 Roanoke Regal Valley View Grande
Opens Sep 30 Rochester Hills Emagine Rochester Hills
Opens Sep 30 Rock Hill Regal Manchester - Rock Hill
Opens Sep 30 Rogers Rogers 18 Theatre with Monster Screen
Opens Sep 30 Rolling Hills Estates Regal Promenade
Opens Sep 30 Rosenberg Brazos Town Center 12
Opens Sep 30 Roseville Regal UA Olympus Pointe
Opens Sep 30 Roswell Apex Cinema Roswell
Opens Sep 30 Round Lake Beach Regal Round Lake Beach
Opens Sep 30 Royal Palm Beach Regal Royal Palm Beach
Opens Sep 30 Rutherford Center Cinemas
Opens Sep 30 Sacramento Regal UA Laguna Village
Opens Sep 30 Saginaw Emagine Saginaw
Opens Sep 30 Saint Charles Marcus St. Charles 18
Opens Sep 30 Saint George Sunset Stadium 8
Opens Sep 30 Saint Joseph Regal Hollywood - St. Joseph
Opens Sep 30 Saint Louis Marcus Ronnie's 20 Cine + IMAX
Opens Sep 30 Salem Regal Santiam
Opens Sep 30 Salinas Salinas Northridge 14
Opens Sep 30 San Angelo Icon San Angelo
Opens Sep 30 San Antonio Cinemark McCreless Mall 10
Opens Sep 30 San Antonio Cinemark San Antonio 16
Opens Sep 30 San Antonio Regal Cielo Vista
Opens Sep 30 San Antonio Mayan Palace 12 + AVX
Opens Sep 30 San Antonio Palladium 19 IMAX + AVX
Opens Sep 30 San Antonio Santikos Casa Blanca
Opens Sep 30 San Bernardino Regal San Bernardino
Opens Sep 30 San Leandro San Leandro Bayfair 16
Opens Sep 30 Santa Clarita Regal Edwards Canyon Country
Opens Sep 30 Saukville Marcus Saukville Cinema 12
Opens Sep 30 Scottsdale Harkins Shea 14
Opens Sep 30 Seymour Regal Seymour
Opens Sep 30 Sheboygan Marcus Sheboygan Cinema 13 with SuperScreen
Opens Sep 30 Shelbyville Studio 10 Cinemas
Opens Sep 30 Sheridan Regal River Point
Opens Sep 30 Sherman Schulman's Movie Bowl Grille - Sherman
Opens Sep 30 Silver Spring Regal Majestic
Opens Sep 30 Simpsonville Regal Simpsonville
Opens Sep 30 Sitka Coliseum Twin
Opens Sep 30 Sonora Regal Sonora
Opens Sep 30 South Gate Regal Edwards South Gate
Opens Sep 30 Sparks Galaxy Victorian
Opens Sep 30 Spartanburg Regal Spartan
Opens Sep 30 Spirit Lake Superior 71 Drive-In
Opens Sep 30 Spokane Regal Northtown Mall
Opens Sep 30 Spring Regal Benders Landing
Opens Sep 30 Springfield Regal College Station
Opens Sep 30 St. Croix Falls St Croix Falls Cinema 8
Opens Sep 30 Staten Island Regal Bricktown Charleston
Opens Sep 30 Staten Island Regal UA Staten Island
Opens Sep 30 Strasburg Lynn Drive In
Opens Sep 30 Sturtevant Marcus Renaissance Cinema 13 with UltraScreen
Opens Sep 30 Suffolk Regal Harbour View Grande
Opens Sep 30 Summerville Regal Azalea Square
Opens Sep 30 Sunrise Regal Sawgrass
Opens Sep 30 Syracuse Regal Destiny USA
Opens Sep 30 Tahlequah Apex Cinema 6 Tahlequah
Opens Sep 30 Tampa Look Cinemas Tampa 14
Opens Sep 30 Temecula Regal Edwards Temecula
Opens Sep 30 Tempe Harkins Arizona Mills 25
Opens Sep 30 Temple Cinemark Temple & XD (12/20)
Opens Sep 30 The Colony Galaxy Grandscape 15
Opens Sep 30 Toledo Franklin Park 16 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Tomball Regal Lone Star
Opens Sep 30 Topeka Regal Hollywood - Topeka
Opens Sep 30 Tucson Harkins Arizona Pavilions
Opens Sep 30 Tucson Harkins Tuscon Spectrum
Opens Sep 30 Tulare Galaxy Tulare
Opens Sep 30 Tulsa Cinemark 17 + IMAX
Opens Sep 30 Turlock Regal Turlock
Opens Sep 30 Turnersville Regal Cross Keys
Opens Sep 30 Tyler Regal Tyler Rose
Opens Sep 30 Union City Union City 25 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Vallejo Vallejo 14
Opens Sep 30 Valley View Valley View 24 + XD
Opens Sep 30 Victoria Cinemark 12
Opens Sep 30 Victorville Cinemark 16 +XD
Opens Sep 30 Vienna Regal Grand Central Mall
Opens Sep 30 Vineland Regal Cumberland Mall
Opens Sep 30 Virginia Beach Regal Strawbridge Marketplace
Opens Sep 30 Visalia Regal Visalia Sequoia Mall
Opens Sep 30 Waco Cinemark Waco and XD
Opens Sep 30 Waco Regal Jewel
Opens Sep 30 Waconia Waconia 6
Opens Sep 30 Walled Lake Regal UA Commerce Township
Opens Sep 30 Wallingford Holiday Stadium 13 Wallingfortd
Opens Sep 30 Warren Elm Road Triple Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Warwick Warwick Triple DI
Opens Sep 30 Washington Regal Gallery Place
Opens Sep 30 West Burlington Westland Theatre
Opens Sep 30 West Carrollton Dayton South 16 + XD
Opens Sep 30 West Covina Regal Edwards West Covina
Opens Sep 30 West Des Moines W. Des Moines Jordan Creek + XD
Opens Sep 30 West Jordan Cinemark 24 + XD
Opens Sep 30 West Monroe Tinseltown 17
Opens Sep 30 West Valley City Megaplex Theatres at Valley Fair Mall + IMAX
Opens Sep 30 Westbury Regal Westbury
Opens Sep 30 Westlake Regal Crocker Park
Opens Sep 30 White Bear Lake White Bear Township 17
Opens Sep 30 Wichita Regal Warren East
Opens Sep 30 Wichita Falls Cinemark 14
Opens Sep 30 Willoughby Regal Willoughby Commons
Opens Sep 30 Wilmington Movies 10
Opens Sep 30 Wilmington Regal Mayfaire
Opens Sep 30 Winona Winona 7
Opens Sep 30 Winter Park Regal Winter Park Village
Opens Sep 30 Woodhaven Emagine Woodhaven
Opens Sep 30 Woodland Super 322 Drive-in
Opens Sep 30 Woodstock Regal Cherokee
Opens Sep 30 Youngstown Regal Cinema South

Other Screen Media Titles

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