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12 Dogs of Christmas

Distribution 12 Dogs of Christmas

Upon being sent to live with her aunt in the small town of Doverville, 12-year-old Emma O'Conner finds herself in the middle of a 'dog-fight' with the Mayor and town dogcatcher. In order to strike down their Ôno-dogsÕ law, Emma must bring together a group of schoolmates, grown-ups and adorable dogs of all shapes and sizes in a spectacular holiday pageant. The 12 Dogs of Christmas is a fun, heartwarming story featuring a diverse canine cast of over 101 pooches, perfect for all those who love dogs, kids and Christmas.


102 minutes

Release Date


Cast & Crew

Eric Lutes

Mindy Sterling

Produced by
Ken Kragen, Sean C. Covel & Daenen Merrill

Directed by
Kieth Merrill

Written by
Kieth Merrill

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