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Death in Love

Distribution Death in Love

A family's dangerous legacy unravels as a mother's desperate wartime choices haunt the lives and loves of her sons. In 1990's New York, her eldest son (Josh Lucas) finds a way out of his tailspin of one night stands and scams when he befriends a charming co-worker (Adam Brody), while his brother (Lukas Haas) struggles in a compulsive, co-dependent relationship with their mother (Jacqueline Bisset). Death in Love is a darkly sensual exploration of the ties that bind.

  • "Death in Love is occasionally pretentious but always riveting." LA Times​

  • "Pierces the senses." Hollywood Reporter


97 minutes

Release Date


Winner of Best Director, Boston Film Festival

Winner of Best Actress, Boston Film Festival

Cast & Crew

Adam Brody

Jacqueline Bisset

Josh Lucas

Lukas Haas

Produced by
Josh Lucas

Directed by
Boaz Yakin

Written by
Boaz Yakin

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