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Stephen King's A Good Marriage

Distribution Stephen King's A Good Marriage

From the legendary Stephen King - As a sadistic serial killer is spreading fear across the Northeast, taunting the police as his victims pile up, Darcy Anderson (Joan Allen) and her husband Bob (Anthony LaPaglia) are celebrating another year of a good marriage. But when Darcy unveils a sinister secret about her husband, it threatens their perfect marriage - and lives.

  • "Have seen the completed film version of A Good Marriage. I thought it was terrific!" Stephen King


102 minutes

Release Date


Cast & Crew

Anthony LaPaglia

Joan Allen

Kristen Connolly

Stephen Lang

Produced by
Will Battersby, Peter Askin, Per Melita, Evan Pohl, Linus Hume

Directed by
Peter Askin

Written by
Stephen King

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