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The Lie

Distribution The Lie

Once an idealistic young man with artistic aspirations, Lonnie is stuck and doesn't quite know it. Working at an unfulfilling job, he longs to realize his lifelong dream of becoming a musician. When his wife, Clover, is presented with a career opportunity that could provide them with the stability she craves (but one that goes against their beliefs), Lonnie cannot muster the resolve to endure another day at work, so he tells a lie - a life-altering lie that he cannot take back.

  • Fresh take on familiar compromise-vs.-Idealism angst. The Hollywood Reporter


80 minutes

Release Date


Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival

Cast & Crew

Alia Shawkat

Jane Adams

Jess Weixler

Joshua Leonard

Marc Webber

Produced by
Mary Pat Bentel

Directed by
Joshua Leonard

Written by
Joshua Leonard, Jess Weixler, Marc Webber

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