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The Accursed

Distribution The Accursed

Elly (Sarah Grey) is asked by a family friend (Mena Suvari) to spend a few days looking after an elderly woman (Meg Foster) living in a remote cabin. She readily agrees thinking a short trip to the woods will be a nice escape. The cabin turns out to be anything but relaxing as Elly begins hallucinating in ways that blur reality with her dreams. As the visions take over, Elly realizes that she was lured there by a demonic presence hiding inside of the woman just waiting to break free.


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Cast & Crew

Mena Suvari

Sarah Grey

Meg Foster

Sarah Dumont

Alexis Knapp

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Date Venue
Opens Oct 14 Chicago Emagine Chatham
Opens Oct 14 Dallas Galaxy Grandscape
Opens Oct 14 Emagine Noblesville Emagine Noblesville
Opens Oct 14 Henderson Galaxy Green Valley
Opens Oct 14 Laemmle Glendale Laemmle Glendale
Opens Oct 14 Meadville Movies at Meadville 10
Opens Oct 14 Riverside Galaxy Mission Grove
Opens Oct 14 Rogers Rogers 18 Theatre with Monster Screen
Opens Oct 14 Royal Oak Emagine Royal Oak 12 + EMAX
Opens Oct 14 Rutherford Center Cinemas

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