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Change in the Air

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Wren, a mysterious young woman (Golden Globe winner Rachel Brosnahan) moves into a small town where no one can hide from the nosy neighbors. When Walter next door (M. Emmet Walsh) walks deliberately into the path of an oncoming car, Wren witnesses the accident and calls 911, saving his life. However, once a local cop (Aiden Quinn) arrives on the scene, she is nowhere to be found. Word spreads around town to everyone, including Jo Ann & Arnie Bayberry (Mary Beth Hurt and Peter Gerety) and Donna (Macy Gray), about Wren. The town’s curiosity only grows when the local mailman starts delivering bags of letters to her door every day. Jo Ann's vigil on Walter’s lawn quickly expands along with her fascination with Wren. In discovering Wren’s secrets, Jo Ann witnesses a series of small miracles that unfold and shake up life in the quiet town. This story embraces the imperfections that make us human, offers a way to set ourselves free and asks us all to take a good, long look at the wild birds in the sky.

Cast & Crew

Mary Beth Hurt

Aidan Quinn

Peter Gerety

M Emmett Walsh

Rachel Brosnahan

Macy Gray

Olympia Dukakis

Produced by
Benjamin Cox

Directed by
Dianne Dreyer

Written by
Audra Gorman

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Opening   Oct 19 Westminster, CO AMC Westminster Promenade 24 Buy Tickets

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